At Politically Thoughtful, we believe that politics shouldn’t be taboo. We take issue with the idea that politics cannot be amicably and rationally debated both around the dinner table and online. At a time of political polarization and partisanship, we firmly hold true to the belief that talking about our political differences is better than avoiding them. Our mission is to provide a platform for politically thoughtful content on contemporary U.S.politics, ranging from news analysis and commentary to discussions and satirical pieces, for those seeking to be politically engaged and tired of the status quo in our current political climate. If you feel the same way we do, please consider following us and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions at politicallythoughtful.blog@gmail.com.

Our current team is composed of two politically frustrated Millennials, Charles and Jake. Both Charles and Jake are recent college graduates, holding degrees in Government and International Studies, respectively. The following are a few little known fun facts about them:

  • Charles and Jake both share the same birthday.
  • Charles and Jake were interns in one of The Carter Center’s Peace Programs (this blog is not affiliated, connected to, or sponsored by The Carter Center in any way).
  • One of them loves the use of the Oxford comma, the other finds it pretentious.